A while ago I started this personal project called @Sempiternaamistad on instagram (now also in TikTok), and it is a place to explore creativity WITH NO RULES. Here I play with different concepts around life, love, music, existentialism and art.
BIG DISCLAIMER: This is not the holy spirit, so please do not take it literally or personal. Again, this is a personal space to explore and play, no room for grown ups :)
I have realized life is too short to not do what you really like, so it’s not about the money I can make out of my passion, but it is about leaving a message and inspiring more people to start dedicating at least 2 hours per day to what really moves you and makes you feel alive. For now there is just one way to support my art and it is through #Buymeacoffee where you can get me a smile starting from 5€ and in return I will make an illustration for you, just send me the pic and I’ll take care of the rest :) Support creativity and support a #ColombianArtist: