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Catalina Barrero, born in Bogotá, Colombia. Latin American graphic designer and artist presents: The Fine Art of Not Being Afraid to Fail.
In this series, we refer to fear in two senses: 1. As a biological emotion response to a stimulus, which allows us to anticipate and react to the dangers of the world in which we are immersed. 2. The learned and taught fears by the society we live in.

Death, failure, weird and wet textures, loneliness, forgiveness, overthinking, not reaching one’s full potential, war, and social conformism, are only a few concepts included.

But when you stop for a minute and listen to the music: Have you considered if the fears you have are the right ones? What’s worth fearing? Should we not only fear missing our lives? Regretting what we didn’t do rather than relishing in what we did, who we loved, and how we loved them?
Sometimes, we fear failing while pursuing our own good, but it is the harnessing of the fear that leads us to astound ourselves. When we know that something eventually will go wrong, we know there is nothing to lose, and with time we remove the fear.

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